AKAL launches the TankhaPay app

We at AKAL Information Systems have launched the TankhaPay app, a comprehensive workforce management app. This app is a game-changer in payroll, compliances and workforce management, especially for the unorganised working sector.

About TankhaPay

TankhaPay offers businesses a comprehensive solution for automating social security, payroll, and workforce management. It aims to help employers support unorganised workers to stand independently and secure a better future for themselves and their families. It ensures that all workers can receive formal salaries along with government social security benefits of EPF and ESI.

Social Impact

India’s workforce predominantly consists of 93% unorganised workers, an estimated 450 million individuals, as reported by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, GOI. These workers do not benefit from the government’s social security provisions extended to organised workers. Alarmingly, 95% of gig workers in India do not have social security, as highlighted by the British Safety Council. Additionally, data from the International Labor Organization reveals that a staggering 94% of domestic workers globally lack access to social security. The absence of the most basic healthcare provisions and retirement benefits exacerbates their vulnerability, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

TankhaPay has the potential to significantly benefit India’s extensive unorganised workforce by enabling access to formal wages, as well as essential healthcare and retirement benefits through government schemes of ESI and EPF. By promoting these foundational elements, TankhaPay advocates for a more inclusive and secure working environment, enhancing the overall well-being and stability of the country’s unorganised workforce.

Funding and Support

TankhaPay has garnered significant funding, further cementing its credibility and potential impact in the market. Notably, it has received an investment of 2.7 million USD from esteemed Japanese investors, demonstrating strong confidence in its vision and technology.


With the launch of TankhaPay, AKAL Information Systems is not just offering a product but presenting a solution that promises to transform how businesses manage their workforce. It’s an innovative step towards simplifying payroll processes, ensuring compliance, and providing workers with essential benefits t.

Embrace the future of workforce management with TankhaPay. Download the app and streamline payroll and workforce management processes, ensuring compliance and employee satisfaction.

Learn more about TankhaPay on www.tankhapay.com

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