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WFM Cloud

WFM Cloud

AKAL's cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) solution, 'TankhaPay,' seamlessly integrates payroll, social security, talent acquisition, attendance, work reports, and statutory compliance into a unified platform. Learn More

Software Services

Software Services

AKAL's software services boost productivity and innovation, enhancing sales and growth with customized IT platforms aligned to your broader business goals. Learn More

Staffing & Recruitment

Staffing & Recruitment

  • Domestic Staffing: Specialized in recruiting top talent across various industries in India, ensuring companies have skilled and reliable staff.

  • International Recruitments: Focused on linking Indian talent with job opportunities in Japan, helping integrate skilled professionals into the global workforce. Learn More

A Closer Look at AKAL

AKAL is a 20+ years experienced technology company that is changing the way workers are employed, paid and looked after.

The idea and purpose behind AKAL is in its name, Akal i.e. beyond time. All of our processes and people are aligned to this higher objective of delivering timeless service for the greater good.

Trusted by Leading Companies

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Our Success Stories

We believe in exceeding our clients' expectations by delivering the best services we have to offer. Don't just take our word for it—our success stories stand as proof of our commitment to our clients.

"AKAL has consistently delivered top-of-the-line, fast, and efficient Information Technology services, setting a high standard in web development, university management systems, learning management systems, and IT helpdesk offerings. Their ability to deliver on time, each time and every day, has significantly contributed to the success of our operations."

Future Generations University

Future Generations University (USA)

"We are really impressed by the timely support that has been providing us. This has helped us achieve our goals on or before time."



AKAL's creation of the NCS portal and mobile app offers continuous earthquake monitoring, improving public safety via instant alerts and data visualization. This advancement represents a major leap in seismic readiness and disaster response, highlighting AKAL's role in bridging critical data with community readiness.

National Center for Seismology (NCS)

National Center for Seismology (NCS)

The Customs Brokers License Management System (CBLMS), developed by AKAL, revolutionized the licensing process by digitizing interactions and streamlining operations. This innovation enhanced efficiency and transparency, setting a new standard in our digital transformation journey.


Customs Broker License Management System (CBLMS)

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