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Driving Efficiency: IPA’s UNNATI Project Transforms Maritime Operations

UNNATI Project

IPA approached us with a critical challenge: to enhance the efficiency and transparency of operations across major Indian ports. In response, we embarked on the UNNATI Project, employing technology to revolutionise maritime management. 

The Client

Since its inception in 1966, the Indian Ports Association (IPA) has been dedicated to advancing India’s major ports. Over the years, IPA has championed initiatives to integrate the maritime sector, culminating in the Dynamic Online Dashboard of Major Ports (UNNATI) Project.

What Needed To Be Done

The UNNATI Project aimed to harness technology to enhance maritime operations, providing users with access to statistical and graphical data and real-time status updates for all Indian ports. The initiative sought to revolutionise how stakeholders across hierarchical levels to monitor and analyse port activities.

What Did We Do? 

The project’s scope was comprehensive and multifaceted, involving the development of new modules for the existing dashboard/app and integrating data from multiple Indian ports. Key components included:

  • Comprehensive analysis and development of the Unnati Portal.
  • Creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Automation of services for integrating data from major Indian port ERP/Auxiliary systems.
  • Enhancement and cloud hosting of the existing Unnati portal.
  • Implementation of a robust query management system with SMS/email notifications.
  • Administrative control achieved through a content management system (CMS).
  • Data migration and porting into the new portal.
  • Implementation of advanced features like Business Intelligence (BI) reports and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Provision of comprehensive warranty, maintenance, and technical support post-launch.

The Result

The successful implementation of the UNNATI Project marked a significant milestone. The newly developed dashboard provided real-time insights into port activities, greatly boosting operational efficiency and improving decision-making abilities. The mobile app provided unprecedented accessibility, enabling stakeholders to stay informed on the go. It offered stakeholders a dynamic view of port activities in real time.

The Impact

The UNNATI Project reshaped the operational landscape of the Indian maritime sector, fostering transparency, efficient resource management, and improved stakeholder communication. This digital transformation streamlined port operations and set a new standard for maritime sector management.

In Conclusion

The IPA’s UNNATI Project exemplifies the power of technology to drive industry transformation. It underscores IPA’s commitment to innovation and excellence, contributing significantly to the growth and development of India’s major ports.

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Last modified: April 11, 2024
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