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Ice Breaker Session with New Joiners at Akal

Ice Breaker Session with New Joiners at Akal

We, at AKAL, had one of the most interactive and fun-filled icebreaker sessions as we welcomed the new members to our AKAL family. As a part of regular employee engagement activities, the session, held on 20th October this time was joined by members of different teams from different departments of the organization.

The aim of this engagement activity is (and always has been) to make the new joiners feel comfortable with each other so that they open, get accustomed to the new work environment, get motivated towards their job responsibilities, and imbibe a sense of one whole unit as Akal family.

The session commenced with everyone introducing themselves and describing their fellow teammates, who were all present in the session, in the funniest way possible. This resulted in a lot of laughter, as everyone mingled and engaged in conversations with each other.

One of our very own HR, Harleen Kaur, then hosted a quiz on Akal Info. It proved to be a very interactive way to inform everyone from different departments about how the company and employees operate here. The idea was to familiarize everyone with the work culture of the organization.

Interactive Quiz was followed by a team-building game where one member had to write a word (which could be from any category – place, animal, thing, fruit) on another member’s back using a pen, which he/she would then have to guess and write on the board.

The session was also joined by one of the senior members, Mr. Aditya Chibber, Corporate Head, who gave the newbies an insight into Akal’s mission and vision, he shared his own experience at Akal and encouraged everyone to work as a team towards the common goal of the organization.

Overall, it was a very productive session, especially as it helped introverts in the room to break out of their shells and become enthusiastic participants.

We, at AKAL, believe in the importance of making the workplace an employee-friendly environment. We want all our employees to feel at home and treat the company as their own.

To all the new joiners, we welcome you and hope that you have the most wonderful and mutually rewarding stay with us and that too, for a long time.

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