Diwali Celebration at AKAL

Diwali Celebration at AKAL

Today (the 03rd of October 2021), we at AKAL, had the most splendid time celebrating the Festival of Lights, Diwali. This occasion is especially dear to us because it’s the first time after the pandemic that we all were able to come together as Akal family and participate in this joyous occasion.

Donning colourful ethnic attires with matching face masks, each member of every department was truly a sight for sore eyes especially after a year and a half of being in quarantine mode. We were all ecstatic to be able to dress to our finest and we believe we delivered.

Adorned by lights, diyas (earthen lamps) and rangoli, decorated by every member of all departments, the office came to life. From one workstation to another, the colours shone vivid and brightly as we took a stroll through the beautifully decorated corridors. It truly was a sight to behold. The attention to detail that went into making each workstation as beautiful as it turned out to be was meticulous and praise-worthy. Massive respect for all the participants.

The delight of witnessing people exchanging gifts in one corner while some continue to capture the beautiful moments by taking pictures and selfies will be imprinted in our memories for a very long time.

The event commenced at 12:30 pm, with a pooja where we paid our respects to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. This was followed by a photo session, then lunch, where delectable Indian cuisines and sweets were served. We can honestly say we all went for second servings.

We did face one problem: Choosing the best rangoli design. From peacocks to lotuses to multi-coloured roses, to choose the best was a decision none of us dared to make because they were all so breathtaking.

This was a particularly special day for us because after the lockdown was announced on 25 March 2021, we had to collaborate remotely to do even the simplest task. When leniency was given to the restrictions in the beginning and mid-2021, even when we were together in the same office, we had to follow certain guidelines and for a close-knitted work family, it was a challenge for us. But now with all of us being vaccinated, we were able to celebrate together while still keeping a safe distance.

This Diwali celebration is our most memorable work experience in the last 2 years.

We, at AKAL, wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali and pray that you continue to stay safe during these trying times.