Akal Information Systems Ltd Launches www.Contract-Jobs.com

A leading Global Staffing & IT Services company rises up to the occasion to support Indian jobseekers in this trying time of pandemic triggered recession.

New Delhi, June 24, 2020: After the success of its proprietary HR technology, www.japan-recruiter.com – a platform that bridges talent gaps between Japan and India – AKAL Information Systems Ltd, now launches the same HR technology for Indian jobseekers to connect and explore opportunities with Indian employers in hopes of aiding those who are affected by the economic recession triggered by the outspread of COVID-19.

Launched under the URL www.contract-jobs.com, the sophisticated HR technology allows recruiters, employment contractors and employers to hire talent on flexible period contracts in India. One great advantage of this brilliant HR tech is that it enables recruiters and employers to hire candidates through employment contractors, which relieves talent scouts from the burdens of handling payrolls, provident fund, employee state insurance, gratuity, income tax and other statutory compliances of selected candidates.

What’s in it for the Employer?

When an employer faces the peak cycles in his business and wants extra employees to cover the burden, a contract basis job is what he generally opts for. This way he gets the necessary employment elasticity, as he will be hiring only as per the requirement of workload and manpower. The advantage of hiring talent through www.contract-jobs.com is that the employer does not have to go through the hassle of handling any statutory compliance for the employee. The Employment Contractor will take care of everything happily and flawlessly.

What’s in it for the Employee?

An employee who has taken a contract job of flexible period will be working at the client’s office but will be paid by the employment contractor. After the completion of the contract, the employee gets to decide on what he wants to do for the remaining period of the year. Be it finding a new job, travelling, spending quality time with the family, or taking up a new hobby, he gets to live the life he has always dreamt for himself. What is amazing about contractual jobs is that employees get the freedom to work according to their circumstances with almost all the benefits that permanent jobs offer.

The distinctiveness of www.contract-jobs.com is that it provides jobs, based on users’ own terms. In layman’s terms, jobseekers get to opt for the job which not only matches their skill sets but also meets the period that syncs with their life commitments. Moreover, it is the ideal solution for students seeking internships, as well as housewives and senior citizens who are well qualified and want to work but are looking for short term or temporary employment only.

As you can see, it is a win-win for both parties – the employer hires an employee only for the duration he requires and the employee gets to work only for the period he chooses to.

This HR technology has access to recruiters, contractors and employers, collaborating to meet jobseekers’ demands. If there is the best time to go for a contractual job, this is it and this innovative platform is the key.

Akal Information Systems Ltd

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