Holi Celebration at AKAL

On 26th of March, 2020, we, at AKAL, had a wonderful time celebrating the festival of Holi at our office. Practicing the protocol of social distancing and other preventive measures for COVID-19, we celebrated the festival of colours by putting our colored hand prints on chart papers as well as on each other, which was then followed by the traditional putting of holi tikka on the foreheads of each other.

The Festival of Colours “Holi” has always been one of our favourite festivities here at AKAL. We always try to do something special each year. This time understanding the importance of strict COVID-19 measures, we thought we’d do something low-key yet memorable. Hence, came the idea of putting our handprints on paper charts and on each other while strictly following the safety protocols.

The purpose of putting handprints on walls was to let every employee leave his/ her mark and celebrate his/ her being part of the Akal family and the amazing experience.

We are glad that even amidst the dark clouds of the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to come together and celebrate Holi in the safest way possible.

We urge you all to stay safe this Holi and follow all the precautionary measures as you celebrate this joyous occasion with your loved ones.

We, at Akal, hope that this Holi brings not only colours to your life, but also good health & prosperity to you and your loved ones during these trying times.

Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKAL Holi Celebration at AKALHoli Celebration at AKALHoli Celebration at AKALHoli Celebration at AKAL

Women’s day Celebration at Akal

We, the women of Akal, had one of the most empowering and enlightening experiences as we celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th of March at Akal office.

The idea was germinated by HR based on a simple yet powerful thought. All of us- the women, irrespective of our Age, economic background, ethnicity, are all in the same boat. Our challenges though different on individual level and yet very similar on a macro-level. All of us our fighting everyday for our dues in the male dominated society, all of us striving to maintain the balance between personal and professional life and ultimately neglecting ourselves in the process.

So, it was decided that this time let us go beyond chocolates, flowers, and gifts. Nothing could have been more worthy a women’s day celebration than an empowering session for the women, by the women, of the women. The HR hence arranged a pep-talk by the four most experience women (both in personal and professional life), the four pillars of HR- the heads of four critical departments of Akal on the topic.

The topic was decided “How we as women manage personal and professional lives” and a slot of one and hour was booked to the ladies of Akal. As these, ladies began to narrate their simple yet in its own self powerful journeys, what started as a Pep talk, slowly turned into a group discussion. The chord of familiarity, the sense of having gone through something similar was so strong that the other ladies and girls could not stop themselves from stepping and sharing their own experiences. We were inspired immensely by their strength, voices, drive, and passion on gender equality.

As the session proceeded, it was astonishing to know that all the four key speakers had one thing in common- their aptitude for meditation and how they owed whatever semblance of balance they had to meditation. All of them, as a matter of fact, narrated their own transformation journeys, how they were a totally different being prior to practising yoga and meditation and how it changed their life for better.

During the session, multiple other women and girls also stressed on the importance of meditation and breathing practices not just for maintaining personal and professional balance in their hectic schedule, but also for inner peace, mental and emotional strength. It gave out a very positive message, especially, to young girls, the newly married and the freshers from campus that how they must start early on this journey and find something similar, either meditation or something for solace that will help them to maintain their balance (which they would have to discover on their own, in the process of discovering themselves).

We decided to focus on a subject on the challenges faced professionally and personally for most working women in India. We shared our routines on how we manage our everyday life to make it easier for us to be working professionals, which was a wonderful idea because we got to share pointers on how we, as women, can enjoy a harmonious professional as well as personal life as a working woman.

Women’s day Celebration at Akal -2As the event reached mid-way, we decided to change the atmosphere to that of some fun and engagement. For this, some fun activities were already planned by our four key speakers. It included, asking all the ladies present in the room two intriguing questions, to which they all give their individual perspectives. The questions were.

  • What do you want most in life?
  • What are the things you like the most about yourself?

These questions were designed to help every one of us in the conference room, including those who joined us virtually via video conferencing about how as women we all mostly want one thing- peace. Though the words, vocabulary, phrases differed, it all stopped at three things, peace, contentment, and smile.

The judges (key speakers) found it very hard to select three best answers from these but once this tedious task was done, a final question was asked to three shortlisted ladies. This question “Why are challenges important and what was the one challenge that changed your life?” was the crux of entire event.

The best answer rather the story that touched the judges most was given a small token of appreciation.

We ended the session by practicing what we had been preaching that is with a 5-minute-long meditation session, which was a cathartic experience for us all, after which we bonded over bites of our chocolates we received as gifts. The key speakers were also facilitated with small gratitude tokens for their precious time and experiences.

In the end when we all left that room, each of us was glad for this session, for each of us, had realised some key things that day. We realised that of us somewhere, have similar stories, journeys, and challenges. We realised that women should support women in this male dominated world rather than being each other’s cause of pain. And last but the most importantly we all realise that in managing everything, we should not forget the most important of all- OURSELVES. When we left the conference room each one of us was committed to pay more attention to ourselves- our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

And this was indeed a very Happy and Empowering Women’s Day for us.

Akal is proud to be associated with Covid 19 Surveillance Portal by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

AKAL is proud to be associated with the development of Covid 19 Surveillance Portal by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Coming under The Center of Health Informatics, the Surveillance Portal is launched to update Indian citizens about the ongoing cases of people who have been exposed to the Novel Coronavirus. The dashboard displays the numbers of Active Cases, Cured/ Discharged, Deaths, and Migrated in India. With a team of 10 technical experts from Akal Info, working 24*7 for almost 5 months now, the dashboard is updated daily to give citizens the right numbers on Covid-19.

Unconfirmed and hoax news circulating all over social media, especially regarding the infamous COVID-19, has agonized many citizens all across the country as well as the globe. With numbers and COVID-related issues being constantly manipulated by internet trolls, many people, without confirming the news, are rendered agitated and panic-stricken. Keeping this issue in mind, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in association with AKAL, has taken an initiative to provide the correct number of coronavirus-infected people in India.

Our team of experts at AKAL maintains the data of all facilities across India through all states and districts. The facilities include numbers of beds, isolation wards, ventilators, oxygen units, to name a few, that are currently available in and around India. They also actively follow the log of Covid-19 patients and the number of people who have been tested for COVID-19 through the Indian Council of Medical Research’s portal.

The dashboard is meticulously designed to not only to provide the numbers of COVID-19 infected people but it also showcases city-wise and district-wise hotspots such as red, green, or amber zones.

The dashboard also has Resources and State Data.

Under Resources, one can find the updated guidelines of travel, hospitals, training as well as awareness materials, and even inspirational series on healthcare service personnel, among others. The state data shows the number of Active, Cured/ Discharged/ Migrated, Deaths, and Total confirmed cases of each state in India.

There is no source more reliable than the government. So, the next time you get a random message or image of COVID-19 related subjects on any of your social media accounts, do confirm whether it’s reliable or not by visiting https://www.mohfw.gov.in/.

Union Minister launched Hospital Ranking Dashboard developed by Akal

1 Crore Treatments Provided Under Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

On 21 May 2020, the honorable Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, launched a Hospital Ranking Dashboard on Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana’s website. Developed by AKAL, the dashboard is a significant step to rank empanelled hospitals based on beneficiaries’ feedback. The ranking will help NHA to take evidence-based decision making for boosting the quality measures and indicators of healthcare delivery across all empanelled facilities to improve the beneficiaries’ experience. Hindi version of the Ayushman Bharat PMJAY website was also launched. The website will enable the government to effectively connect with the masses and to empower them with access to the right information through a user-friendly medium.

The launch was announced during the inauguration of the first edition of Arogya Dhara, a series of webinars created as an open platform for discussion on topical issues of public health. Titled the “Ayushman Bharat: 1 crore treatments and beyond”, the webinar was open for all members of the general public as it was webcast via all official social media pages of National Health Authority. Notable participants in this informative webinar included Dr. Indu Bhushan, the CEO of National Health Authority, Dr. Vinod Paul, Member (Health), and Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, the Minister of State.  Dr. Indu Bhushan made a presentation on the performance of AB-PMJAY and conferred on the future ahead.

The aim of PMJAY is to ensure financial risk protection to more than 10 crores to the poorest, most vulnerable families in the country, and take a step forward towards the success of Universal Health Coverage in India. The Minister expressed his gratitude and sent best wishes to all the States who have ensured the scheme delivers on its promise especially in the unprecedented times of COVID-19. “Government of India is making persistent efforts to expand testing and make treatment of COVID-19 available for free to all 53 crore beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat PMJAY, further strengthening Government of India’s resolve, scope, and capability to move towards universal health coverage. Concerted efforts by every health worker and all empanelled hospitals have helped us achieve the 1 crore mark,” he said.

Sh. Indu Bhushan stated that NHA has utilized this period to leverage its IT systems, expertise and network of private sector stakeholders to support the Government of India’s preparedness and response in the form of managing the national COVID-19 helpline 1075 to conducting thousands of outbound calls to COVID positive patients and their families.

The webinar was a huge success and AKAL could not be happier for being a part of bringing change to India.

Centre of Excellence for Atmanirbhar BHARAT

Akal Information System Ltd. is pleased to announce the establishment of the Centre of Excellence on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drones & Internet of Things (IoT). The newly established Centre of Excellence will focus on incubation, evolution, and maturity of innovative solutions, services, and creative business models in the field of these state-of-the-art technologies.

With the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic and India’s recent LAC tensions with its northern neighbour China, India has entered a new era of growth of self-reliance and high technology adoption. Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, has taken the lead from the front, and we at AKAL have risen to the opportunity to put all our strengths and efforts in place to realize the vision of our great Prime Minister.

These new hi-tech technology areas are impacting in almost every industry. In several cases, the customer must address the required operational changes in a short time to remain relevant and prosper. Akal COE will also work with technology start-up companies and Investors to fund the most relevant projects in new technologies such as drone programming and other strategic technologies to meet its objectives.

Sarabjit Singh, MD, Akal Info at Horasis India Meet

On June 22, 2020, AKAL’s managing director, Sarabjit Singh participated in the Horasis India Meeting chaired by Neetu Mehta, the director of Horasis.

Focusing on the topic Punjab: New Futures for the Granary State, the panelists included Sukhbir Singh, President, India Metro Association, India, Komal Talwar, Founder and Chair, Xlpat, India, and the honorable Minister of Sports & Youth Affairs for Government of Punjab, Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi. In this virtual meeting, the participants addressed issues on how Punjab, one of the most fertile regions of India, is in need of land reforms to boost total productivity and increase economic opportunities. Akal is grateful to be a part of this successful meeting.

Akal Information Systems Ltd Launches www.Contract-Jobs.com

A leading Global Staffing & IT Services company rises up to the occasion to support Indian jobseekers in this trying time of pandemic triggered recession.

New Delhi, June 24, 2020: After the success of its proprietary HR technology, www.japan-recruiter.com – a platform that bridges talent gaps between Japan and India – AKAL Information Systems Ltd, now launches the same HR technology for Indian jobseekers to connect and explore opportunities with Indian employers in hopes of aiding those who are affected by the economic recession triggered by the outspread of COVID-19.

Launched under the URL www.contract-jobs.com, the sophisticated HR technology allows recruiters, employment contractors and employers to hire talent on flexible period contracts in India. One great advantage of this brilliant HR tech is that it enables recruiters and employers to hire candidates through employment contractors, which relieves talent scouts from the burdens of handling payrolls, provident fund, employee state insurance, gratuity, income tax and other statutory compliances of selected candidates.

What’s in it for the Employer?

When an employer faces the peak cycles in his business and wants extra employees to cover the burden, a contract basis job is what he generally opts for. This way he gets the necessary employment elasticity, as he will be hiring only as per the requirement of workload and manpower. The advantage of hiring talent through www.contract-jobs.com is that the employer does not have to go through the hassle of handling any statutory compliance for the employee. The Employment Contractor will take care of everything happily and flawlessly.

What’s in it for the Employee?

An employee who has taken a contract job of flexible period will be working at the client’s office but will be paid by the employment contractor. After the completion of the contract, the employee gets to decide on what he wants to do for the remaining period of the year. Be it finding a new job, travelling, spending quality time with the family, or taking up a new hobby, he gets to live the life he has always dreamt for himself. What is amazing about contractual jobs is that employees get the freedom to work according to their circumstances with almost all the benefits that permanent jobs offer.

The distinctiveness of www.contract-jobs.com is that it provides jobs, based on users’ own terms. In layman’s terms, jobseekers get to opt for the job which not only matches their skill sets but also meets the period that syncs with their life commitments. Moreover, it is the ideal solution for students seeking internships, as well as housewives and senior citizens who are well qualified and want to work but are looking for short term or temporary employment only.

As you can see, it is a win-win for both parties – the employer hires an employee only for the duration he requires and the employee gets to work only for the period he chooses to.

This HR technology has access to recruiters, contractors and employers, collaborating to meet jobseekers’ demands. If there is the best time to go for a contractual job, this is it and this innovative platform is the key.

Akal Information Systems Ltd

A Global Staffing & IT Services company, Akal came into existence in 2000. With over 5000 IT projects and esteemed awards, it aspires to augment Human Capital Value by offering technical support and services for the amelioration of its clients.

With over 20 years of experience and many tech geniuses catering to client’s needs, Akal now has over 2000+ staff strength across India and is one of the leading Staffing & IT player in the Indian Market today.

Shri. Sarabjit Singh, Managing Director – Akal Information Systems Ltd, awarded Udyog Rattan Award

Shri Sarabjit Singh, Managing Director, Akal Information Systems Ltd is awarded the Udyog Rattan Award, 2019 by ‘Institute of Economic Studies’ for his exceptional work in accelerating the economic development of the country through cutting edge & innovative IT Solutions and Services. This award is also recognition of the role; Akal Infosys has played at the backstage of government initiatives, offering technology solutions to digitize Governance process and making them fast, efficient and citizen-centric.

Continue reading Shri. Sarabjit Singh, Managing Director – Akal Information Systems Ltd, awarded Udyog Rattan Award

Interview of Mr Sarabjit Singh, Managing Director, Akal Info with Wire 19.

Sarabjit Singh, MD – Akal Info

Mr Sarabjit Singh, Managing Director, Akal Info spoke to Wire19 about his journey and experience of running the company, his thoughts on Digital India and his views on the overall state of the Indian IT Sector.

Read the complete interview at:

Akal Info awarded as Best E-Governance Implementation Company

Akal Info - Best E-Governance Implementation Company.

Akal Information Systems Ltd is proud to announce that it has been adjudged as the “Best E – Governance Implementation Company” at ET Now- Stars of the Industry Awards for Excellence in Information Technology.

At a grand award ceremony held at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, Akal Information Systems Ltd was awarded for its outstanding performance in providing E – Governance Solutions & Services in India. Mr. Sarabjit Singh, Director, Akal Information Systems Ltd represented the organization at the event, which was attended by various distinguished personalities from across the industries.

With this new achievement, comes the greater responsibility to outperform our past performance further in the years to come, and Akal’s E Governance Team is ready for this new challenge!!

Akal Infosys - Award for Best E-Governance Implementation Company.
Mr. Sarabjit Singh, Director, Akal Information Systems Ltd receiving the award for “Best E – Governance Implementation Company”

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