Why use Tankhapay?

When you pay salaries through the TankhaPay app, your employees are on boarded as AKAL’s contractual employees, thus providing hassle-free payrolling and compliance management for you.

Employee Management

Manage employees easily and efficiently with features such as KYC verification, attendance and leave management, geolocation access, etc.

Payout Management

Auto-pay salaries on your selected payout dates, directly in the bank accounts of your employees, while providing them salary slips for each payment.

Social Security Benefits

Ensure enrollment of your workers in government social security schemes of PF & ESI so they can receive healthcare, retirement and insurance benefits.

When your Employees are 100% Secure and Happy, they Give 100% to their Jobs

With social security benefits, your employees can avail healthcare, retirement and insurance benefits for themselves and their families, thereby having a socially and financially secure future.

Increase Productivity

Employees are less stressed about their and their family’s future and thus can work with more dedication.

Increase Retention

Employees feel taken care of and thus stay with you longer through the ups and downs.

Increase Loyalty

When you take care of your employees, they give more to the job and spread a good word about you.

Lower Absenteeism

Easily accessible healthcare ensures employees are healthier and take fewer leaves.

Contribute Towards your Employees Welfare

Use the TankhaPay app to pay your employees' salaries and automatically enrol them in social security benefits of PF and ESI provided by the government.

Medical Benefits

With ESI, your workers can receive benefits like free hospitalisations, medications, specialist consultations, lab tests, imaging, immunisation etc. ESI also provides maternity, disability and sickness benefits. Additionally workers can enroll all their dependents in ESI for free.

Retirement Benefits

With EPF, your workers will receive a lump-sum amount on retirement, a monthly pension and can also withdraw advances for various reasons including illness for self/family, marriage of self/child/sibling, post-matriculation education for son/daughter etc.


In case of the death of an EPF member, the nominee can get a benefit of up to Rs. 7 lakhs. The widow and children of the deceased are also eligible for monthly compensation. Those suffering from unemployment and layoffs can also get various benefits under EPF and ESIC schemes.

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