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India & Japan

Providing You a Jumpstart for Your Career in Japan

Akal Japanese Academy is a Japanese language and cultural training institute. It trains blue-collared workers and high skilled professionals to work and live in Japan.

Japan Office

AKAL has a wholly owned subsidiary in Japan which takes care of placements of candidates under the TITP, SSW and high skilled workers programs.

Training Locations

There are currently two training institutes. One is located in Delhi and the other one in Lucknow. Apart from these, classes are also offered online.

Teachers and Staff

AKAL teachers & staff include Japanese natives as well as N2/N3 qualified teachers.

Connecting Indian Talent to the World

Overcome language barriers and achieve your dream to work internationally.

Technical Intern Training Program


TITP or Technical Intern Training Program is run by the Japanese Government to facilitates international workers to work in Japan for upto 5 years and learn the Japanese way of working. Akal is an approved TITP Sending Organization .

Specified Skilled Worker


SSW or specified skilled worker program is a status of residence under which foreign nationals can work in Japan without the need of training.

High Skilled Workers

High Skilled Workers

Akal Japanese Academy plays a key role in preparing and placing high skilled workers who are in popular demand in the Japanese job market, but get subdued because of language and cultural barriers between the two countries.

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