Akal Discusses 8 Effective Steps To Enhance The Productivity Of The Employees

Promoting Healthy Work Culture at AKAL

Interactive & Fun-Filled Session held on “How to increase Employee Productivity”

As a part of Akal’s regular practices to ensure “Employee Engagement & Satisfaction”, we recently conducted an interactive session with the new joiners of Akal’s family. The session was held on 18th February, in which new members from multiple departments of the organization came together for an open discussion. This session aimed to discuss how we can maintain Akal Info as a productive, fun, and comfortable workplace for it’s employees. 

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The Story of AKAL Infosys

Story of Akal Infosys

India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Today, there are more than 1.3 billion Indians in the country and the governments across the centre and states are striving to focus all their energies to enable these citizens and offer them the best possible schemes and services. The focus has now shifted towards digital initiatives and technology-driven delivery of services. But this needs high-end technical efforts with a knack of innovation and modern digital thinking. Akal Infosys has chosen to play this exact role and stands shining at the backstage of government initiatives, offering cutting edge technology solutions to digitize Governance processes and making them fast, efficient and citizen-centric.

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Working at Akal Infosys

Working at Akal Infosys

When professionalism gets mingled with learning and erudition, you came out with more confident and astonishing persona. This is what the work culture at Akal Information Systems Ltd endows to its employees. In this fast-paced life, when big tech giants suck every inch of your worth, the company like Akal Infosys bequeaths your learning with full zeal and fun.

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